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Henry believes again

NNPA Henry Impact Story1
Terry and MSAF,

Please accept our warmest THANK YOU from the North Pole for your participation in the 2012 Spokane Fantasy Flight fundraising campaign. Your donation will ensure that our 15th annual event will reach 60 more homeless and at-risk children from the Inland Northwest region. The magical memories and amazing experiences that these special guests receive will be forged into their lives forever.

For Henry, this adventure experience helped him ‘believe’ again. When he was first met by the Chief Elf, Henry was ‘Mr. Not-Gunna-Happen’. He was certain he wasn’t going to meet an elf, he wasn’t going to fly to the North Pole, and certainly wasn’t going to see reindeer! All along the journey, his elf assured him that this was going to happen – all the while, Henry continued to press that it was ‘not going to happen to me – nothing good happens to me!’

So, as a final proof that he was going to experience everything promised, the Chief Elf made one final promise. “Henry, when you get off the airplane at the North Pole, you’re going to see one of Santa’s reindeer. I want you to go up and HUG that reindeer! Then, will you truly believe that AMAZING things can happen to you?” Henry agreed … and so, here’s Henry, hugging his very first reindeer and becoming a child that again believes amazing, wonderful, loving things can happen to him!

Our mission is to allow these children to become the children who believe in magic and amazing possibilities in their lives. Again, thank you for enabling this “hug-your-first-reindeer” experience!

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